Community my bby girl is 7mnths old and she still wont take a bottle! Even with breast milk pumped in bottle. How can I get her to take one without starving her or hearing her cry? Ive tried different bottles and different nipples! Nothing! No silly cup. Grrrr...its frustrating for me, and my family when I have to go to work. Also she will not sleep in her crib...she sleeps in a bby sleeper rocker next to my side of the crib. Shes getting to big for it too. Lol. At wit ends...plz help.


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Have you tried a regular cup?

My daughter wont take a bottle either. She is 8 months. I have started introducing a sippy cup and she is getting better at it.

No sippy cup...she wont take any thing. :(

I just got my son to take a bottle at 5 months. I used the cheap, playtex nipples. Make the milk a bit warmer than you think. Maybe try having someone else feed your baby, you being in another room. I tried a few times, feeding him in his swing, so his face was not near my breast. It took three days. I would try a couple times a day, but if he got upset, I'd calm him and try again. Then wait 10 minutes before nursing him. Some have suggested trying for 10 hours, it's not for me, and it took me three days. Just relax, it's a learning process, for moms and babies. You are doing a good job! Just keep trying! The last weeks were hard on me, because I was stressing about the whole bottle thing, take a deep breath, and stick with your babe on this!
Now on to sleep training for me, baby and husband, ugh, this too shall pass!

my son took a bottle, but HATED sippy cups. have you tried a straw cup? we love these munchkin ones:

they were the only cup he'd take for the longest time and they really don't leak, even after going through the dishwasher. if you haven't tried anything like that, maybe give one a shot. 

in terms of the sleeping - what does she do when you put her in her crib? have you tried sleep training at all? something like gradual extinction or full cry-it-out, etc.? she's at a good age to do sleep training. i love Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child by Dr. Marc Weissbluth. if you get a chance, maybe swing by the library and check that book out. i learned so much about infant/toddler sleep needs from reading that book. it was a life saver when it came to sleep training our son.

best of luck on both fronts! 

My son did the same thing,it was so frustrating and exhausting being the only one able to feed him... will she breastfeed consistently? try introducing sippy cups like the nuk ones with a longer nipple throughout the day with just water in them or if you give her juice with h20 try that and see if eventually she will take the breastmilk with the sippy cup. I ended up strictly breastfeeding my son until he was 13 months and he would take only juice with h20 out of sippy cup he was not interested in the breastmilk in the cup he knew i had it on tap! even when i went on date night he would just go to bed with out nursing or breast milk because he wouldnt take it from anyone! Once we introduced cow's milk he transitioned no problem it was the strangest thing. Hang in there mama! As for the crib sleeping, it will be a rough transition no matter what. Try reading the book Babywise. that helped me so much i hated having my son cry when i would put him to bed, but once you get a routine it helps a lot. Its going to be hard. but probably harder on you then on her, she will benefit and so will you. our night time routine is : We do dinner, bath, stories and milk and brush his teeth and then put him to bed, a nightlight helped. and so did having an ipod with a baby playlist that plays around 104 songs throughout the night we also got him this little seahorse that has a light up tummy that sings for a little while and soothes him back to sleep, also picking a favorite blanket, stuffed animal or one of those little blankets with the animal heads on it that made him so much more comforted having a little something he always associated with going to first she may scream bloody murder. let her cry for about 10 minutes (if you can stand it) and then go in if she is still upset, pick her up and tell her its ok and sing her a song or something till she is calmed down.. then put her back and try again...wait 5 minutes longer each time. and repeat until she goes to sleep. she may wake up a lot during the night and you may have some sleepless nights but in the end it will be a huge reward. she may also start becoming more independent and take a bottle or sippy cup in the process of all of this. Try it out, see if it works. I hope things get easier!

I'm having the same problem with my 4 month old where the bottle is concerned.  Since I'm a stay a home mom (42) it's not too bad until I want to go somewhere.  I tried pumping but I didn't like the feel and my husband and I wasted milk trying to let him feed the baby.  I opted to feed on demand but now he's started solids and he nurses less but always after his meal.

My son refuses to sleep in his expensive crib since he started off in his pack n play from 1st day home from the hospital.  I think he likes the closeness of the bassinet portion, which we detached and tried in the crib.  I have also tried weaning him off the pack and play but then he screams.  I have a mobile with music and nightlight and that doesn't seem to work either.  He'll only sleep in his crib for 30 minutes at a time. Once he's asleep, it's hard to move him since it wakes him and we have to start all over again.

Thorton - check the comments above - both good suggestions. I would NOT use babywise for the eating habits recommended but for sleep you pretty much have to check out a few books and see what works best for you. my first had trouble moving from the pnp to her crib (and from our bed to the pnp) and I spent many nights letting her cry a few minutes and then soothing her back to sleep. it helped to keep a log at night of when shred woke and also her nap habits so I could then start putting her to bed when she normally got tired before she was over tired. Also at 6 mo I stopped nursing if she woke up and gave a bottle of water instead. eventually she decided it wasn't worth waking up for water. my 8 mo old now has no trouble sleeping but we are working on the middle of the night wake ups. Also she (my 8 mo old) also refused a bottle for 2 weeks. She just gave in eventually. I also gave her sitter a shirt I wore to drape on her arm so my baby could smell me at feeding time. sounds weird but I think it helped. works at night too - tuck it under the bed sheet so your baby will feel that your close still.

My son is the same way with the bottle/cup. He just turned 8 months a week ago. He's now working on a regular cup, because he at least shows interest in it. As for the crib, my son outgrew his rocker AGES ago (he is already 27 pounds). It took a few days, but what we did is rock him to sleep, then put him in his crib. When he cried, we picked him up and repeated the process. He went longer and longer between being put down and crying awake...and now sleeps in it like a pro. We are even at the point where I sit him in his crib with toys at nap time and he will play quietly until he falls asleep. It takes work, but it is possible :) Stay strong! Your baby will get there <3

I was having the same problem with my son he is 8 months old we got these bottles called tommee tippee my son loves these bottles and he still breastfeeds

My 9 month old will not take a bottle and never has. He reverse cycles (drinks more a night than during the day). I give childcare 6 oz of milk, 3 for the morning and 3 for the afternoon, and most of the time they mix it in cereal for him to eat. He won't take milk in sippys, open, or straw cups, but he will drink juice or water from them. Anyway letting your child reverse cycle is an option if you are willing to wake up at night and feed her. I am horrible about making my children sleep in their own beds, so I can't give reliable advice on that. My 4 year old was in and out of my bed until he was 2 1/2.

My son is the same age. I'm not sure about the bottle; we started him on it at about 6 weeks. At first he rejected it but we heated it and kept trying. The sleeping thing....we tried a revised, no cry,version of sleep training. I would say develop a routine (ours is bath, books, breastfeeding then bed) and stick with it. Put her to bed sleepy (but not asleep). We picked him up and tried again when he cried, but just patted him if he was fussy. It doesn't always work. For example, since he started teething he's been having some trouble sleeping sometimes we co-sleep. I would say to use the swing to get her to go to sleep when you're first establishing a routine, but take her out when she is sleepy or has just fallen asleep. 


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