17 month old throws fits during every diaper change--HELP!

I'm pregnant with baby #2 and my 17 month old is starting to act out. He gets really upset at every diaper change. He kicks his legs, screaming and crying. It makes the whole process take a lot longer than it should and it frustrates me so bad I want to cry. Is there any advice out there for getting him to calm down for the 2 minutes I need to change him? I give him toys/books to distract him but he's so mad he just throws them at me. How can I get him to cooperate? Please help!

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I had the same problem with my son for months, I tried everything but the one thing I did find that helped was if he held onto the diaper or I gave him a wipe and told him to wash his face and hands.

I've had this problem for months too!  my 20 month old boy goes nuts when I try to change his diaper.  The one thing that kinda helps is to chase him around for a minute when I pick up the diaper.  He sees me coming and takes off.  He giggles like crazy and I keep saying, "I'm gonna get you!"  He thinks it's hysterical.   We've turned it into a game so we run around the living room for a couple of turns and when I finally catch him my prize is to change his diaper.  HA!

I love this idea! My guy runs from me too. So, if you let 'em "win" a little by chasing after them and not catching them right away I bet it helps keep them happy. Thanks!

My 16 month old daughter does the same thing.  Sometimes if I sing her favorite song (The Wheels on the Bus) it helps, but other times nothing works.  I notice that I'm the only one that she throws a tantrum with as well.  She's fine with my husband and her grandmothers, so maybe it's just a test of wills.  She is pretty strong willed :)

I think I'll try the "pick out a book" method since she loves doing things on her own and reading (hopefully adds up to a winning combination)

how're the diaper change battles going?

I've just seen this post and had to comment! My daughter has screamed with every diaper change since the day she was I've been dealing with this for 14 months! It sounds like I'm beating her every time I change her diaper and nothing works distracting her. When I try to snap her onesie she swings hers legs up and pushes my hands away so I can't snap them. I have no idea why she hates it so much! She screams the same way getting her dressed also and has done this too from day one.


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